Master of Philosophy Course
Modelling of Materials

One Year, Interdisciplinary Course

Applications are invited from students with backgrounds in materials science, engineering, physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, biology, mathematics, statistics or computing.

A collaboration between the Materials Science and Metallurgy, Engineering and Physics Departments of the University of Cambridge, with contributions from manufacturing industry. The course is approved and financially supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the United Kingdom.

Application Procedure

Applications are invited for the course beginning in October 2005. You are strongly encouraged to apply early in order to secure a place.

We are able to offer 2 studentships funded by the EPSRC, available to UK (fees and maintenance[currently 10 000 GBP per annum]) and EU Nationals (fees only).

Other sources of support may be available for well-qualified applicants. Applicants from overseas should consider applying for the sources of funding described in the Graduate Studies Prospectus and the new Cambridge Gates Scholarships

Download application form and prospectus (243 kbytes)

Course book

If you have any queries regarding the application procedure, please contact Dr Rosie Ward, Academic Secretary, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, CB2 3QZ, UK. Tel +441223 331955, Fax +44 1223 762088, email:

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Computational Materials Science is thriving in both industry and academia. There are now numerous examples of profitable commercial products resulting from the application of this type of research. Given that most technological problems cover many fields of expertise, the objectives of this course are as follows:

Course Contents

Further details can be obtained from the Course Director, Dr Zoe Barber

Industrial Input

Manufacturing industry and government laboratories strongly support this course. Industrial participation will include identification of technologically important problems in the modelling area, leading, for example, to topics for the Team Work Projects and full participation in the more extensive Individual Research Projects.


Course Component

Written examination on course work
Standard Credit **
Literature Survey
Team Work Project
Research Project


**Standard Credit refers to credit given for completing set exercises, in the form of examples classes and computing.

Academic Staff

From the Materials Science and Metallurgy, Engineering and Physics Departments: Dr Z. Barber (Course Director), Professor H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia, Dr P. Bristowe, Dr R. Cameron, Dr D. Cebon, Professor T. W. Clyne, Dr J. Elliott, Dr S. Fitzgerald, Professor D. J. Fray, Professor A. L. Greer, Dr V. Kumar, Dr P. J. Hansip, Dr H. R. Shercliff

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Class of 2000, 2001, 2002

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Alcan Award Alcan Award Rolls-Royce Award
Alcan Award, best student, Tom Illingworth, 2000 Alcan Award, best student, Chia Too, 2001 Rolls-Royce Award, best student, Katerina Plati, 2002
M.Phil. Degree award ceremony, November 2004

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