Design of Alloys for The Energy Industries

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The race to reduce both the monetary and environmental costs of electrical power generation has led to exciting developments in both the science and technology of heat--resistant steels. In particular, new alloys are now conceived using calculations (models) in combination with systematic experiments. Whereas financial modelling of the money markets has not yet avoided major annual disasters, I hope to show in this review that the metallurgical modelling of crystal structures, microstructures and the most complex of mechanical properties is way ahead of the game.

Royal Society Charles Algernon Parsons Memorial Lecture, published in Proceedings of Parsons 2000, Advanced Materials for 21st Century Turbines and Power Plant, eds A. Strang, W. M. Banks, R. D. Conroy, G. M. McColvin, J. C. Neal and S. Simpson, published by The Institute of Materials, London, 2000, pp. 4-39.

Also published in ISIJ International Vol. 41 (2001) 626-640.

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Some photographs of the event.

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