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Fluid Flow and Surface Deformation in Weld Pool

The following computer simulation shows the flow of metal within a weld pool during welding. The colours represent the temperature in Kelvin. Notice also that the surface of the pool is deformed (i.e., it is not flat. The shape of the surface trailing the welding arc becomes frozen in and determines the surface topology of the final weld. A surface topology which causes the concentration of stress during service can be detrimental to the fatigue life of the engineering structure containing the weld. The work is due to G. G. Roy and T. DebRoy of Penssylvania State University, U.S.A.

The movie can be seen by clicking on the image below. Alternatively, a higher resolution movie in AVI format can also be accessed.

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The following movie is in AVI format. It can be observed using, for example, Quicktime.

Simulation of fluid flow in the weld pool, and surface shape, during arc welding.

For a review of the subject, see: T. DebRoy, Role of Interfacial Phenomena in Numerical Analysis of Weldability, Mathematical Modelling of Weld Phenomena II, The Institute of Materials, London, (1995) pp. 3-21.


The movie presented here has kindly been provided for teaching purposes by Professor T. DebRoy of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University U.S.A..

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