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Selecting your committee

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What it is about:  Top

Now that you have trained a large number of submodels and identified the best ones, you are going to improve further the predictions of your model by using a committee of submodels, rather than just one submodel.

The idea is to calculate the combined test error for a committee if models, and then find which combination of models gives the minimum TE.

To do this, we consider a given number of submodels, calculate their predictions on the second half of the database (the unseen data), and calculate the combined test error.

So, how do we choose which combination we want to try ?

The most straighforward method is to use the submodels as sorted by LPE. We then build different committees by adding each time the next model in the decreasing LPE list. This is what the Model Manager will do if you do not touch the committee list.
However, the Model Manager gives you more freedom, and you can actually build any committee you want. This can be usefull in some cases, when two submodels have very similar LPE but different TE.

When you start  Top

When you first click on "Select Committee", you are presented with the following screen:

You need here to select how many (that is, the maximum) models you want to try to include in your committee. Make sure you do not select to few, as you can not modify this figure later.

The Model Manager is then going to calculate the predicitions on the whole database, for all the n first models, where n is the number you just selected.

Foreground or Background
When it is finished

For the moment, there is no message from the Model Manager when the calculations are finished. However, if you click again on "Select Committee" before the background calculation is finished, you will be asked to wait more.

Selecting your committee  Top

Now that the pre-calculation are done, we can search the best combination of submodels. If everything goes right, the next time you click on "Select Committee", you should obtain the following screen: you can use this image to find out what the different functions are, or directly read below.

In a hurry..  Top

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