Phase Transformations & Complex Properties
International-Picnic and Football Match
12th July 2001

Location: Grantchester Meadows, Cambridge, U.K.

Countries represented: Japan, India, Korea, France, Mexico, Spain and U. K.

picnic picnic
Diving into the food. Photograph courtesy M. Murugananth. The Camera. Photograph courtesy M. Murugananth.
dot dot
Daniel and Thomas Picnic in full swing: Vicky, Shingo, Sarrenah, Mathew, Lee, Miguel, guy with pony-tail (Daniel)
dot dot
Vicky, Shingo, Sarrenah Thomas, Ananth, Vicky
dot dot
Gaucamole and crips (recipe) Korean delights.
Gespacho, Spanish style. Spaniard and chopsticks.
Spectators and players, warm-up session Initial warm-up session of football
Disaster - ball in the river! Ball even further away in river!

The ball was finally rescued in selfless acts by Mathew Peet, Thomas Sourmail and Miguel Angel Yescas Gonzales. The match then began with a vengeance; the final score was 9-7 (students to staff). During the game, Lee was shown the Yellow Card, although he did not pay much notice. After all, there was no referee. The full game can be seen on the movies below, using Windows Multimedia Player.

  1. Movie 1: Showing Miguel returning triumphantly with ball, rescued from the river.
  2. Movie 2: Showing Thomas returning from the rescue mission.
  3. Movie 3: Showing Mathew returning from the rescue mission.
  4. Movie 4: The Game.
  5. Movie 5: More of the Game.
  6. Movie 6: Shows Ananth falling, and the dynamic Shingo representing Oceania.
  7. Movie 7: Vicky tackling two players!
  8. Movie 8: Mathew versus Daniel.
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