Using Genetic Algorithms to Optimise Heat Exchange

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Using Genetic Algorithms to Optimise Heat Exchange


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Marine Gas Turbine - WR21

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WR21 Schematic

Spiral Recuperator

What Properties Make a Good Heat Exchanger?

Typical Counter Current Flow Heat Exchanger

Components of a Heat Exchanger

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Plain Fin

Serrated Fin

Herringbone Fin

Perforated Fin

What Parameters Can Vary?

Variable Parameters

Optimisation Techniques

Mathematical Approach: Differential Calculus

More Complex Functions, Numerical Analysis Required

The Traditional Approach

Nature's Starting Point

Optimised Man!


More Comparisons

The Genetic Algorithm Approach

A Population

Ranking by Fitness

Mate Selection

Mate Selection Roulette



Best Design

The GA Cycle

Layer Through a Heat Exchanger

Variable Parameters

Limits on Variable Parameters

Contribution to chromosome

Typical Chromosome

What Properties Make a Good Heat Exchanger?

Contributions to Fitness Function

Fitness Contributions

Pressure Drop Ratio Penalty


Genetic Algorithm Parameters

Fitness as Generations Advance

Initial and 100th Generation

Layer Height

Fin Thickness

Fins per Metre

Number of Layer Pairs

Variable Parameters Optimised





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This presentation is reproduced with the permission of Tracey Cool of Rolls-Royce Marine

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