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Vicky Yardley's trip to Japan, April-May 2002

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I was very privileged to be able to spend just over a month in Japan in April and May 2002, thanks to a generous grant from the Ironmongers' Company of London. I spent most of this time working in the laboratory of Professor Tadao Watanabe at Tohoku University on Orientation Imaging Microscopy of tempered steels.

After leaving Sendai, I visited former PT-members and other friends in Kyushu, Nagoya and Tokyo.

Click on the links below to see the pictures. Clicking on the small thumbnails will bring up a larger image.

Sendai city
Hanami (cherry blossom) party
Trip to Matsushima
Golden Week lunch party
Golden Week trip to Oshika
A day in the life of the Watanabe lab
Leaving party
Visit to Kyushu University
Visit to Nagoya
Waseda University

Presentation on Modelling Barkhausen Noise (in HTML)  
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