Intermetallics and Aluminium for (Beverage) Cans

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Intermetallics and Aluminium for (Beverage) Cans


Recent History

Research and Technology - Alcan Inc.

Alcan Inc.

Aluminium Processing

Typical processing route for Canstock Alloys

DC Casting of Sheet Ingots

Continuous Casting of Sheet Ingots


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Breakdown Mill

Cropping & Tandem Mill Rolling

Cold Rolling


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New Product Applications after the Merger

World Beverage Can Market for Al

Banbury Laboratory

Projects at Banbury Laboratories

Importance of Intermetallic Type for Aluminium Canstock Performance

Importance of Improving Can Stock Performance (The Canning Market)

Aluminium Beverage Can

Drawn and Ironed (DI) Cans

Drawing and Ironing (D&I) Process

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Can End Manufacture

Cans in the 21st Century Thinner, stronger and different shapes

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What are Intermetallic Particles ?

Constituent Particle Formation During Solidification

Feature Detection and Classification (FDC) Technique

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Intermetallic Extraction & Analysis

X-Ray Diffraction of Intermetallics

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Bridgman Furnace

Effect of Casting Speed and Alloy Composition on Intermetallic Phase Selection

Effect of Alloy Composition and Casting Conditions on Intermetallics

Equilibrium Phase Diagrams

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Homogenisation of 3xxx Alloys AA3104: Al-0.4%Fe-0.9%Mn-1.2%Mg-0.2%Cu- 0.2%Si

Homogenisation of 3xxx Alloys AA3104: Al-0.4%Fe-0.9%Mn-1.2%Mg-0.2%Cu-0.2%Si

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Particle Break-up During Rolling (CBS)

Improved Can Body Stock

Wall Ironing Process (CBS Manufacture)

Improved Canstock (With respect to Galling resistance)

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CBS Performance

Can End Stock - AA5182

Improved Can End Stock

CES Performance

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Author: Dr Havovy Cama

Further information:
This material is reproduced with the permission of Dr Havovy Cama of Alcan Inc.

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Havovy, during her lecture

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