Theory for the formation of Allotriomorphic Ferrite in Steel Weld Deposits

H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia, L.-E. Svensson and B. Gretoft


Recent theory has enabled the ratonalisation and prediction of the primary microstructure of steel welds as a function of chemical composition, welding conditions and other variables. There are, however, systematic discrepancies in the estimation of the volume fraction of allotriomorphic ferrite. In this work, we present a detailed theoretical analysis of allotriomorphic ferrite formation, which avods some of the approximations of the earlier method. The new theory accounts also for factors influencing the nucleation of ferrite, and hence can in principle be used for high-alloy welds and for welds containing boron as a minor addition. The results are compared against published experimental data.

Proceedings of an International Conference on Welding Metallurgy of Structural Steels,
The Metallurgical Society of the AIME, Warrendale, Pennsylvania.
Edited by J. Y. Koo, 1987, pp. 517-530.

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