Aluminium Alloys in Aerospace

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Aluminium Alloys in Aerospace

Design Requirements

Critical Material Properties

Aluminium Alloys

Aerospace Al-Alloys

Next Generation Aircraft


Alloy Design

Applications of Modelling

Modelling Examples

Finite Element Modelling of Extrusion

The Extrusion Process

Die Design

The Finite Element Method

Use of Finite Element Model

FE Model - Example Simulations

Weldable Aerospace Al-Alloys

Joining Aerospace Al-Alloys

Difficulties with welding

Factors Influencing Solidification Cracking

Thermodynamic Modelling

Simple Phase Diagrams

Solidification Microstructures

Predictions for Binary Al-Cu Alloy

Predictions for Ternary Al-Cu-Mg alloy

Prediction of Freezing Range

Value of Calculations

Modelling Dispersoid Precipitation in 7xxx Aerospace Al Alloys

Prediction of Microstructure

Kinetic Modelling

7050 Plate

Processing Sequence - 7050 Plate

Microstructural Changes


Modelling Dispersoid Precipitation

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Precipitation Kinetics

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Testing the Model

Effect of Zirconium Segregation

Including Effect of Segregation

Predicting Across a Grain

Effect of Dispersoid Distribution

Optimizing Dispersoid Distribution

Model Predictions

Optimizing Homogenization

Two Step Practice

Effect on Dispersoids

Comparison of Recrystallization



Author: Dr Joseph Robson


Further information:
This material is reproduced with the permission of Dr Joseph Robson of UMIST, Manchester, U.K.

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