Book Reviews

Steels Steels, Butterworths-Heinneman
Sheng Da Friction Stir Welding, Japan Welding Society
Ion Laser Processing of Engineering Materials, by John C. Ion
Review in MST
Sheng Da Cast Irons Containing Rare Earths, by Sheng Da
Bhattacharya Microstructure of Martensite (why it forms and how it gives rise to the shape-memory effect), by Kaushik Bhattacharya
Geoff Davies Image-based Fractal Description of Microstructures, by J. M. Li, Li Lu, M. O. Lai and B. Ralph
Geoff Davies Materials for Automobile Bodies, by Geoff Davies
Geoff Davies Materials and Design, by M. Ashby and K. Johnson
Ronald Klueh The Pittsburgh Stealers, by Ronald Klueh. Materials World, Dec. 2003
West and Saunders Ternary Phase Diagrams, by David West and Nigel Saunders
West and Saunders Welding Metallurgy, by Sindo Kou
Advances in Physical Metallurgy Advances in Physical Metallurgy, edited by S. Banerjee and R. V. Ramanujan

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