Late April in Cambridge

Dr Rashid Bhatti, a new post-doctoral research assistant in the SKF UTC Steel Technology Centre

Darwin College in bloom

Darwin College in bloom


Darwin College in bloom

A heron in the Comberton village pond

The heron is shy of photography and flew away

David Cole, a PT Group member visits Cambridge. He completed his Ph.D. in 2000 and is now a captain of the nuclear power industry

Mango lassi and dai wada, at a vegetarian Dhosa restaurant in London

Cows basking in the sun, at a location between Comberton and Barton

This is on Harry's cycle route to Cambridge

Over the M11 roundabout

Farms on both sides

Hands must be held

A strange tree as the Fen is approached

A full river Cam

Yellow parakeets originate from central Australia.

Also known as a budgerigar.

It is not clear what this bird is doing at the door of the Materials Science and Metallurgy tower.

ε-carbide Envelope 3d Cyclic Bain
Residual stress Phase field review Thermal stability Hot-strength Strain partitioining
Uphill diffusion Tiny Dissilmilar friction stir welds Polish Academy European welds

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