Journey to Leeds University

Harry was at Leeds University to participate in the Ph.D. examination of Timothy Biggs, a thesis entitled Quenching and partitioning: a new heat treatment concept.

All but the first photograph courtesy of Aquil Inam.

Aqil Inam, Harry and David. Aqil works with David Edmonds.

Uthman Almalki, Harry and David. Uthman works with David Edmonds

David Edmonds, Harry, Timothy David Bigg, and Bob Cochrane

Timothy was the Ph.D. candidate and Bob and Harry the Examiners

ε-carbide Envelope 3d Cyclic Bain
Residual stress Phase field review Thermal stability Hot-strength Strain partitioining
Uphill diffusion Tiny Dissilmilar friction stir welds Polish Academy European welds

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