Hans Roelofs, Pat's present from Arijit, Bainitic iPad, Finland, Wuhan

Hans Roelofs from Swiss Steel visits. The others are: Professor Yin, Ashwin Pandit, Steve Ooi, Hector Pous and Danyi Lou

Present from Arijit Saha Podder to Pat Wilson. This is all it takes to get a big smile.

The Bainite book on Jae Hoon Jang's iPad2

Nirupam Chakraborti writes: in Finland the universities dedicate one day every year towards physical activities off campus! those who participate get an automatic leave of absence, no matter whether they are staff student or faculty and the university covers their travel and food expenses! yesterday me and my student who came with me from kharagpur spent the whole day hiking in two breathtakingly beautiful villages, Fiskars and Kisakeskus, about two hours bus ride from Turku

The lake is at Kisakeskus, which has got nothing other than an enormous sporting complex and allied facilities, including hiking trails.

A colourful photograph by Amir Shirzadi in Wuhan, China. The elderly Chinese man is riding a conventional bicycle, whereas the ladies are on an electrically assisted bicycle. The latter is sufficiently comfortable for the girl to enjoy her magazine.

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