Arijit Saha Podder leaves Cambridge

Arijit is returning to India, giving us an opportunity to indulge in food.

James Nygaard, Lucy Fielding and Blanka Szost.

Lucy proving that she can do geometry

Pat Wilson and Steve Ooi in the background

Professor Yin and Jee Hyun Kang

Ashwin the Pandit, Hector Pous and Yan Pei

Now with Harry.

The star, Arijit Saha Podder arrives a little late, but half the food has disappeared by then.

Pat and the Chocolates

Mathew arrives

ε-carbide Envelope 3d Cyclic Bain
Residual stress Phase field review Thermal stability Hot-strength Strain partitioining
Uphill diffusion Tiny Dissilmilar friction stir welds Polish Academy European welds

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