Wilberth Solano B.S., M.A.St. (Cantab), Ph.D. (Cantab)
Downing College

University of Cambridge
Materials Science and Metallurgy
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Ed Pickering


Fatigue damage in bearing steels

Designing rail compositions based on the understanding of rail degradation mechanisms

This project has the objective of establishing design rules for rail steels based on a better understanding of how microstructures react to wheel-rail interaction and from that, being able to generate guidelines for the use of various rail grades to deliver maximum longevity and lowest life cycle costs. In order to do so, the project involves vehicle dynamic simulations to better understand the loading conditions in selected segments, controlled experiments to replicate the different degradation mechanisms across different steel grades, and advanced characterisation of a wide range of loading conditions and microstructures. By doing so, we should understand the response of each type of microstructure to the imposed loading conditions and be able to provide degradation behaviour inputs for cost-benefit analysis modelling.

My role within this project is to perform advanced characterisation of samples and compile a comprehensive literature review on how individual microstructural factors such as the grain size, hardness, strain hardening, and volume fraction of secondary phases, amongst others have in wear and rolling contact fatigue resistance.

This research project is in collaboration with the Institute of Railway Research of Huddersfield University and is funded by an EPSRC grant.

Other interests

Travelling, tea drinking, and powerlifting.

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