Critical Assessements

These are short, open-access articles published by Materials Science and Technology, with generous referencing, that help define a subject in fields where there is progress to be made. Exceptionally informative articles.

  1. Crystallographic variant selection.
  2. Hydrogen-induced fracture in austenitic, high Mn TWIP steel.
  3. Multi-objective evolutionary and genetic algorithms.
  4. Challenges in developing high temperature materials.
  5. Thermodynamic data for vacancies.
  6. Magnesium sheet alloys: viable alternatives to steels?
  7. Quenching and partitioning.
  8. Processing using electrical pulses.
  9. Wrought magnesium alloys.
  10. Dependence of tensile elongation on sample geometry.
  11. Structural repairs by cold spray.
  12. Prospects for reduced activation steel for fusion plant.
  13. Elimination of white etching matter in bearing steels.
  14. High entropy alloys and their development as structural materials.
  15. Science of deformation and failure mechanisms in twinning induced plasticity steels
  16. Anisotropy in metals
  17. Mechanisms of hydrogen induced cracking in pipeline steels
  18. Elastic and thermal properties of porous materials – rigorous bounds and cross-property relations
  19. Stacking fault energies of austenitic steels
  20. On carbon excess in bainitic ferrite
  21. Oxygen-assisted fatigue crack propagation in turbine disc superalloys
  22. Oxygen-assisted fatigue crack propagation in turbine disc superalloys
  23. Bainitic forging steels
  24. Gallium nitride-based visible light-emitting diodes

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