Gebril EL Fallah MSc.Imperial College London)
St Edmund’s College

University of Cambridge
Materials Science and Metallurgy
27 Charles Babbage Road
Cambridge, CB3 0FS
U. K
0044 1223 334336


Damage evolution during the plastic deformation of nanostructured steel

The purpose of the work is to study the mechanism of damage evolution (formation of void, cleavage cracks) leading to ultimate failure, in what is the world’s first bulk nanostructured steel. The material is unusual in that almost all the elongation is uniform to the point of ultimate failure. This is an advantage in design because plastic instabilities are avoided. If the process can be understood then we may be able to extrapolate the findings to other classes of steel. we will be conducting staged deformation tests followed by detailed characterisation using a variety of microscopy techniques including transmission electron microscopy. We will also seek to use X-ray synchrotron facilities at the DIAMOND facility in Oxford in order to study the behaviour of retained austenite during the course of deformation. The project will also involve the expression of the damage evolution in mathematical frameworks. The work hopefully will be exploited in order to design and manufacture alloys.


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