Appa Rao Chintha, M.E.(IISc, Bangalore)
Darwin College

University of Cambridge
Materials Science and Metallurgy
27 Charles Babbage Rd, Cambridge CB3 0FS, U. K.
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Apparao Chintha


Novel steels for the lifting and excavation industries

There is a need for mass produced steel that is very strong and tough, to be able to serve reliable as components of lifting cranes and earth moving equipment. Such steels are often produced by quenching into a martensitic state followed by tempering. Our goal is to attempt an alternative route in which the material is continuously cooled (not at the high rates associated with quenching) and then used in an untempered or tempered condition depending on alloy design. I will be involved in using and developing phase transformation theory associated with the design of martensitic and bainitic steels, including the treatment of tempering reactions. Alloys will be manufactured and then characterised using high-reolution microscopy and mechanical property assessments. In the latter case it will be necessary to conduct wear tests when the steels designed are for earth moving equipment, and characterisation to understand the wear mechanisms.

The project is funded by TATA STEEL LTD.

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