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Bhadeshia123 YouTube Channel: age, gender, location, content, 20 Oct-17 Nov

The channel, during the period September to December has a huge viewer focus on crystallography, particularly amongst the young. This coincides with the first academic period in most Universities, and crystallography is the core course usually taught first.

13-17 year old viewers

13-17 year gender distribution

13-17 age most popular videos

13-17 age, geographical distribution

18-24 year old viewers

18-24 year gender distribution

18-24 age most popular videos

18-24 age, geographical distribution

25-34 year old viewers

25-34 year gender distribution

25-34 age most popular videos

25-34 age, geographical distribution

55-64 year old viewers

55-64 year gender distribution

55-64 age most popular videos

55-64 age, geographical distribution

65+ year old viewers

65+ year gender distribution

65+ age most popular videos

65+ age, geographical distribution

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