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Lulea University of Technology (LUT), Sweden

Harry visited LUT in order to deliver two lectures on steels and to discuss research and teaching with the staff and students in the Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics.

Some images courtesy of Esa Vuorinen and Farnoosh Forouzan.

Arlanda airport in Stockholm

Dinner with Professors Braham Prakash and Esa Vuorinen

View outside Harry's hotel

At LUT - the cars are plugged in to electrical outlets.

These are electrical connections for parked cars to keep them warm. Temperatures were between -8 and -15 C.

Hot press blow formed tubes.

A Charpy impact testing machine.

A Charpy impact testing machine.

Inverted stage optical microscope.


Thermogravimetric anaysis.

Tuk-tuk, a student design project.

Instrumented, reciprocating-wear machine.

Pin-on-disc wear machine.

Hot-press formed automotive component by Gestamp

Custom designed machine to test the wear of tooling used for hot-press forming.

Series of coated-steel strips loaded on test machine.

Coated steel strip samples.

Stations of tribology equipment for biomaterials and joints.

Stations of tribology equipment for biomaterials and joints.

Large scale trigonometry equipment in the lecture theatre.

Beautiful library.

Mobius component made using three-dimensional printing.



An originally cylinderical bar which was a part of a rock-sieve showing severe wear.

Lule River, frozen.

LuleƄ is located in the northern part of Sweden. There is a lot of snow that falls during winter, when the temperature is significantly less than zero centigrade. Sufficient snow is collected by lorries and piled up so it does not melt completely even in summer. The snow mountain is used, via heat exchangers, to cool the equipment at the Lulea University of Technology.

Tree hotels at Harads, about 80 km from Lulea. A variety of "rooms" available, all but one clinging to trees. Esa Vuorinen, Lars-Erik Lindgren and Harry visited the forest where the hotel is located. I think that winter is teh best time to stay there, with absolutely beautiful snow painting the picture. The snow is dry because of the constant sub-zero temperatures. With sunshine, it is as if a million diamonds are scattered amongst the blanket of white. Getting poetic here.

This was our expert guide.

This tree-house seems to be made of Corten steel.


Bird's next tree hotel.

The cube.

The alien ship.

Inside the alien ship.

The Corten house.

Aurora borealis (northern lights).

A lovely vegetarian dinner at the Vuorinen house.

Better pictures of aurora borealis, courtesy of Farnoosh Forouzan.

Better pictures of aurora borealis, courtesy of Farnoosh Forouzan.

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