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Professor Satish Vasu Kailas visits Nairobi, Kenya

Professor Satish Vasu Kailas, who qualified with his Ph.D. at Indian Institute of Science, visited University of Nairobi to build collaborations with the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He kindly send these photographs from the land in which Bhadeshia was born. Satish had visited Harry's laboratory in 2008. Satish works in friction stir welding/processing and tribology.

A supermarket in Nairobi


"Om" or "Aum" (ॐ) is a Hindu chant, from Sanskrit, regarded as a composite of three sounds (a-u-m), connected to three deities.

Variety of shops in Nairobi

A statue of Ganesh

Indian food readily available

This is Indian tea with spices, often known as masala chai

Satish was thrilled with his visit to a local school

Satish and giraffe

Imaginative work of art, Nairobi Museum

Roadside vendors selling fruit

Outside Nairobi Museum

A highway built with help from China

Lunch with faculty from the University of Nairobi

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