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Events during early August, 2020

Hard copy of Harry's book for checking before sending to publisher.

A gift from DebRoy on completion of another book which we co-authored, currently being typeset.

Courtesy DebRoy.

The wonderful, early-morning cyclists enjoying the sunshine in St Ives.

The team uniform was selected by Stoyan Smoukov.

Food, made by Noelle.

Courtesy of DebRoy.

Adreil also has the team uniform (Tuesday 4th of August).

Courtesy of DebRoy.

Courtesy of DebRoy.

The priory on the way to St Ives.

This is Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd's new book, for Harry to study.

This is Adreil explaining to his girlfriend that he beat Harry to St Ives, although this was reversed on the way back.

The total journey including the trips from home was 39.5 miles, this shows only the fast ride on the path adjacent to the guided busway.

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