University of Cambridge

Bicycle ride to St Ives, 24th March 2020

Beautiful, cold day, the ride beginning at 0720 and ending about 1115, Comberton to St Ives for Harry, Cambridge to St Ives for Stoyan Smoukov. Under government regulations, we are allowed to have exercise once a day and gatherings limited to two people.

Harry overtaking a jogger, and a bus overtaking Harry. How about that?

Arrival at the boundary of St Ives (we avoided the actual town), with some coffee and freshly made vegan bananna-bread made by Harry

Even in the selfie, we are two metres apart.

A metre is the distance travelled by light in vacuum during 1/299,792,458 of a second

The photograph is taken looking towards Cambridge. The coffee was black, instant.

St Ives in the background.

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