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Johan Westraadt, Andy Howe, Christian, March 2020

Professor Johan Westraadt from the Nelson Mandela University in South Africa visited Cambridge. Andy Howe send a picture of dendrites in ice near Sheffield's Peak District.

An Apeirogon (cf. octagon, hexagon etc.) has a countably infinite number of sides. How is that possible? I mean to be able to count an infinite number? I can imagine a circle being an Apeirogon though nothing countable.

Shaumik Lenka and Johan Westraadt in the parlour at Darwin College, after a nice lunch.

Johan next to the famous University of Cambridge rolling mill.

Johan next to the Ashby map showing structural materials with strength and density characterisation, available in 1945.

Paul Coxon (creater of blackest black, twitterer) with Johan in the Department tea room. And a copy of Jim Charles' selection of materials book.

Johan and Harry on the 5th floor - picture taken by Adeline Nicol

Ice dendrites in Sheffield, picture by Andy Howe whose reflection is visible on the left. These dendrites are huge.

The power of a book.

The most intense corrosion occurs at the interface between the steel in the air and steel buried. This is because the difference in oxygen concentration causes an electrochemical potential difference. This sign was blown over during the 40-50 miles per hour gales that hit Comberton recently. Picture courtesy of Steve Ooi.

Jack Christian's 1975 edition of Part I of the classic Theory of Transformations in Metals and ALloys

4th edition
4th edition, 2017
3rd edition
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