University of Cambridge

Harry's retirement dinner at Darwin College

Pictures courtesy of Hong Ge, Adreil Wong, Gebril El-Fallah and Dominik Dziedzic

Dining hall, Darwin College

Harry, Professor Sir Geoffrey Lloyd, Ji

Adrian Kent sitting somewhat diagonally from Harry

Vasant Kumar, Harry, Hong Ge

Harry, Hong Ge

Harry giving a speech

.... and Adreil Wong

... and Mathew Peet

Harry and Dominik

Colin Humphreys, Howard Stone, Gebril El-Fallah

Vasant Kumar, Harry Bhadeshia, Hong Ge


Lucy Fielding, Gebril, Harry, Shaumik Lenka

Lucy, Harry, Gebril

Same again

Harry and and Dominik Dziedzic

Mathew Peet, Harry, Dominik

Neil Mathur, Adrian Kent, Harry Vasant, Gill, Britta

Nathan Cliff, Gebril, Tony Glendhill

Adrian Kent, Harry

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