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Visit to Boston, Schmidt Science Fellows occasion

Harry visited Boston in the USA on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Schmidt Science Fellowships programme. The objective is to develop the next generation of science leaders to transcend disciplines, advance discovery, and solve the world’s most pressing problems.

During the journey towards Heathrow Airport, spotted this special train at Cambridge Station

Ultrasonic testing

Probably also has the facility to grind the tracks if defects are detected

This is now in Boston, journey from Logan Airport to the Hotel in Cambridge Massachusetts

Arrival at the Boston Marriott Hotel

Walking towards coffee shop

Entrance to the hotel

At a science museum where the ceremony announcing the new Fellows was held

The new Fellows

Home bound, to land at Heathrow

Home bound, to land at Heathrow

Aerial view of the River Thames

Photograph of a dam at Lake Vrnwy in North Wales, courtesy Noelle Homedieu

Photograph of a steel factory in Italy

Photograph of a steel factory in Italy, kindly provided by Professor Fabio Miani

Photograph of a steel factory in Italy

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4th edition, 2017
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