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The pond in Comberton, completely barren with all water evaporated due to the heat wave and lack of rain.

This is the Comberton pond in 2001 when we had excessive rain and floods.

The powers that be, decided that digging would fill the pond from underground water.

Seems to have worked.

Harry's racing bike converted as an emergency commuting bike, with mudguards and rear luggage rack.

This is the normal commuting bike, which now has done more than 60,000 miles.

Use the bike to commute to the Cambridge station; this is a monument, which has been like this for weeks. Perhaps one of these modern art installations.

On second floor of building set aside for bike parking at the Cambridge Central Station.

New building at Cambridge Station

Railway undercarriage

An illustration of the complex objects that can me made using using three-dimensional additive printing, in this case laser/powder deposition.. The objects here were shown to Harry By Chinnapat Panwisawas of Queen Mary University of London.

A bottle opener manufactured using additive manufacturing. A green compact is made using three-dimensional additive printing, followed by sintering to consolidate the powder. This process is energy efficient.

New book, given to Harry, written by Darwin College friend Dr Baasanjav Terbish.

Goodies from Malaysia, courtesy of Dr Steve Ool.

Goodies from Malaysia, courtesy of Dr Steve Ool.

Large and small.

Wild berries.

A lovely enclosure for shelter in bad weather?

Harry's desk at Queen Mary University of London

In Harry's shared office

In Harry's shared office

Queen Mary University of London campus

Queen Mary University of London campus

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Stresses in pressurised cylinder

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