University of Cambridge

Variety of events, December 2021 and January 2022

New cycling jacket

New cycling jacket

Derek, at Darwin College, staff Christmas Dinner

Harry, at Stoyan Smoukov and Abiola's wedding

This image is generated by typing bainite into wombo

This image generated by typing
Tata Steel Professor of Metallurgy into wombo

Professor Dong Woo Suh, in Harry's old office at POSTECH

Professor Kip Findley, Colorado School of Mines, visits Cambridge

Professor Fabio Miani, in San Cassiano, Dolomites, Italy

"Professor Fabio Miani, in San Cassiano, Dolomites, Italy

Professor Nirupam Chakraborti at Kanchenjunga,
third highest mountain in the world

-5°C hard frost, plant in Harry's garden implements defence system

Professor Fabio Minani, at Tarvisio, Italy

Same plant, a few hours later, back in action

4th edition

4th edition, 2017
3rd edition

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1st edition

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Innovations in everyday engineering materials

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Theory of transformations in steels

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