University of Cambridge

John Wilcox, Thomas Sourmail, Chinnapat Panwisawas, Tomihoko Hojo

John Wilcox and Harry were Ph.D. students at the same time, in the Steel Group at Cambridge. John has for some time, been based in Glasgow, but was visiting Cambridge for a 50 year alumni event held at his College (Trinity). Thomas Sourmail (Ascometal group, talking naturally on bainite) and Tomohiko Hojo ( Marathon runner) were at the same conference as Steve Ooi, held somewhere in Europe. Chinnapat Panwiswas has started a new adventure, having moved from Leicester University to Queen Mary University of London. Steve Ooi, is of course, in Cambridge, working for Ovako.

John and Harry started in the old building - this is the first time John is visiting the "new" building.

Here he points joyfully at his epic Ph.D. thesis published in 1979.

Looking inside the Titan high-resoludion electron microscope.

Next to our cute rolling mill.

Outside the building.

Outside the building.

"Selfies" with Harry and John.

For some reason, the sign outside the building has gone, so we went back in to take this proof.

Tomohiko Hojo the Marathon runner and Professor, Thomas Sourmail and Steve Ooi.

Thomas steering bainite.

This is an old picture taken in Birmingham at a UK-China steels meeting. Chinnapat Panwisawas has now joined Queen Mary University of London.

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