Darwin College Lecture Series


Darwin College Lecture Series 2023
20th January to the 10th of March, 2023
Published 2023
Darwin College Lecture Series 2023
Interview by Paul Seagrove
Christine van Ryumbeke: On Escaping or Not Escaping Solitude. Persian Tales of Turtles and Pearls

Amy Nethery: The Isolation of Asylum Seekers: immigration detention in Australia

Adrian Kent: The closeting of secrets

Jane Francis: Antarctica:Isolated Continent

Philip Jones: Isolation and Trapping using Optical Tweezers

Arik Kershenbaum: Are we alone in the Universe

Heonik Kwon: The Self-Imposed Isolation of North Korea

Amrita Narlikar: Isolation in International Relations CANCELLED

Harry Bhadeshia: Isolation of atomic mechanisms – the choreographer at play

Darwin College will hold the 2023 Darwin College Lecture Series at the Lady Mitchell Hall and Little Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge.

The Darwin College Lectures are popular, each attended by around 600 people, so you are advised to arrive early to ensure a place. Stewards at the door follow a strict admissions policy to ensure compliance with fire regulations. An adjacent overflow theatre, with live TV coverage, is provided for those who cannot be seated in the main hall.

Past lectures

The lectures have been given each year for about 40 years. We have a YouTube channel where past lectures can be viewed at leisure.