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by Cathy Flick, Ph.D.


Susan Rials gets the prize for the most Web discoveries this time—she sent us a file she provided for her lucky students. Keep sending those URL’s to me at! Note: if you sent an URL that doesn’t show up on this list, please re-send to me. Between a hard disk death and problems with my ISP, some mail may have been lost.

For the next issue: I would like to provide a list of useful online library catalogs accessible by telnet or the web, with any helpful instructions for how to use them (telnet access in particular is often not obvious...). I often use them in my Russian translation work to track down originals of Russian translations. I can explain telnetting to the Library of Congress, Case Western Reserve, and Heidelberg Library at the moment. Can anybody help with others?

Peace, Cathy Flick

Here is quite a find if you do work on phase transformations in steels: an extensive review paper on the Web (complete with good photos) called The Bainite Reaction by H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia. The site includes British English, Spanish, and French versions. I can’t judge the Spanish and French properly, but the English version is excellent. The translators’ names are included. By the way, I found the use of Web Buddy (see very valuable for this site; this is an example of software which allows you to save a web page or web site to disk (specifying how many levels deep you want to go in the links), including all the images. You can then either open up the pages offline in your browser or convert them to your word processor format for easy reference and also searching for terms.

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