Kinetics, Solute-Drag and Mechanism of the Bainite Reaction in Steels

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


Various models for the growth of bainite in steels are compared with experimental results and it is suggested that neither the local equilibrium nor the paraequilibrium mechanisms of transformation are appropriate for bainite growth. It is also demonstrated that segregation induced solute drag cannot be claimed to influence the growth of bainite. The growth rate of an individual sub-unit is found to be many orders of magnitude greater than that expected under conditions of carbon diffusion control.

Proceedings of an International Conference on Phase Transformations in Ferrous Alloys,
Philadelphia, A.I.M.E., eds A. R. Marder and J. I. Goldstein, 1984, pp. 335-340

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Comprehensive review on all aspects of solute drag phenomena.

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