Dynamic recrystallisation in hot deformed oxide dispersion strengthened MA956 and MA957 steels

T. S. Chou and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The hot deformation behaviour of the oxide dispersion strengthened stainless steels MA956 and MA957 has been studied. The alloys are made by a mechanical alloying process which leaves them in a very fine grained, cold deformed state immediately after consolidation. It is found that deformation is accompanied by dynamic recrystallisation, even when the deformation temperatures are far less than the ordinary recrystallisation temperatures of the two alloys. These and other results on the strength and anisotropy of the alloys are interpreted in terms of their microstructures.

MATERIALS SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, 1995, Vol.11, No.11, pp.1129- 1138

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