Refinement and characterisation of a thermodynamically stable metal-metal composite

J. D. Robson and H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia


The intermetallic compounds which are under consideration for use in aerospace applications often suffer from either poor ambient temperature ductility or insufficient elevated temperature strength. One promising route for obtaining the desired properties is to combine various intermetallic phases with complementary properties. Several workers have achieved finely dispersed multiphase intermetallic materials by directional solidification of ternary or quaternary alloys. A different production route was used by Hsuing and Bhadeshia to create a multiphase Ni-Al-Ti alloy. Three single phase powders were co-extruded to give a three phase gamma-prime, beta and beta-prime metal-metal composite (MeMeC). The aim of the present work was to refine the structure of such a material and investigate in more detail its mechanical properties. In particular, the variation of mechanical properties of the MeMeC material with temperature are reported here for the first time.

Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 16, 2000, pp. 349-351.

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