ISIJ International, Vol.39(1999), No. 10
Special Issue on "Application of Neural Network Analysis in Materials Science"

Preface to the special issue on "Application of Neural Network Analysis in Materials Science"

H. Fujii and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia.....965


Neural networks in materials science

H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia.....966

Regular article

Statistical modelling of mechanical tensile properties of steels by using neural networks and multivariate analysis

C. Dumortier, P. Lehert and Y. Riquier.....980

Petri neural network model for the effect of controlled thermomechanical process parameters on the mechanical properties of HSLA steels

S. Datta, J. Sil and M.K. Banerjee.....986

The application of constitutive and artificial neural network models to predict the hot strength of steels

L. Kong and P.D. Hodgson.....991

Estimation of hot torsion stress strain curves in iron alloys using a neural network analysis

V. Narayan, R. Abad, B. Lopez, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia and D.J.C. MacKay.....999

Application of neural networks to mechanical property determination of Ni-base superalloys

J Warde and D.M. Knowles.....1006

Use of neural networks for alloy design

J. Warde and D.M. Knowles.....1015

Comparison of artificial neural networks with gaussian processes to model the yield strength of nickel-base superalloys

F. Tancret, H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia and D.J.C Mackey.....1020

Data pre-processing/model initialisation in neurofuzzy modelling of structure-property relationships in Al-Zn-Mg-Cu-alloys

O.P. Femminella, M.J. Starink, M. Brown, I. Sinclair, C.J. Harris and P.A.S. Reed .....1027

Effects of carbon concentration and cooling rate on continuous cooling transformations predicted by artificial neural network

J. Wang, P.J van der Wolk and S. van der Zwaag .....1038

Forecasting of decreasing heat levels in the blast furnace using a self organization feature maps neural network model

Y. Otsuka, M. Konishi, K. Hanaoka and T. Maki .....1047

Mold level control in continuous caster by neural network model

T. Watanabe, K. Omura, M. Konishi, S. Watanabe and K. Furukawa .....1053

Application of neural networks for quality evaluation of resistance spot welds

U. Dilthey and J. Dickersbach .....1061

Using CI-methods for parameter scheduling,quality control and weld geometry determination in GMA-welding

U. Dilthey and J. Heidrich .....1067

Measurement of molten pool shape and penetration control applying neural network in TIG welding of thin steel plates

Y. Suga, T. Shimamura, S. Usui and K. Aoki .....1075

Application of artificial neural network to discrimination of defect type in automatic radiographic testing of welds

K. Aoki and Y. Suga .....1081

Neural network applied to welding : two examples

J. M Vitek.....108

A neural network approach to the prediction of submerged arc weld metal chemistry

R. Thomson, F.J. Perez-Perez, A.D. Wartens and G. Thewlis.....1096