Modelling of Materials

The Rolls-Royce Trent Engine


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Table of Contents

The Rolls-Royce Trent Engine

Rolls-Royce Today

Newton's 3rd Law

Propeller versus Jet Propulsion

Jet Engine Layout

Different Jet Engine Types

Different Jet Engine Types - Mechanical drive

Piston Engine versus Turboprop

Pressure and Temperature

Axial Compressor and Turbine Operation

Axial Compressor and Turbine Operation

Multiple Shafts - Trent 95,000 lbs Thrust

Combustor Operation

Combustor Operation

Reverse Thrust

New Product Introduction Process

New Project Planning Process

102 Million Hours of Service

Why 3 Shafts?

Evolution of Trent Family

Trent 700 & 800

Trent 500

Material Strength

Engine Materials

Fan Blade Technology

Wide-chord Fan Technology

Fan Section

Swept Fans

Compressor Aerodynamics

Trent 500 Tiled Combustor

Improvements in Materials

Turbine Cooling

Performance Trends

Electric Engine Concepts

Compressor Weight Reduction

Metal Matrix Composites

Future Emissions Improvements

Future Aircraft Configurations


PPT Slide

This presentation is due to Michael Cervenka, Office of the Chief Engineer, Rolls-Royce plc. It illustrates the design concept of the Trent Aeroengine. Reproduced with permission.

The complete, animated "PowerPoint" presentation can be dowloaded here: File 1 (10 Mbytes), and File 2 (0.5 Mbytes). The latter is the animated AVI movie and should be kept on the same directory as the former.

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