International Squash, 11 Dec 22003

The United Kingdom team, consisting of Harry, Richard and Mathew, defeated Japan and Egypt. Tomoyuki tried hard, but in the end lost 4 sets to 1 to Harry. That was fun! Japan sufferred from the absence of Kazu who claimed to have an injury. On the other hand U.K. had Pippa missing.

PICX0006 PICX0007 PICX0008
PICX0009 PICX0010 PICX0011
PICX0012 PICX0013 PICX0014
PICX0015 PICX0016 PICX0017
PICX0019 PICX0020 Movie (Richard and Tomoyuki)
Movie (Mathew and Teruhisa)
Movie (Celebrations following UK victory)

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