The Alloying Elements in Steel, by Edgar C. Bain

Edgar C. Bain's book on the alloying elements in steels, published in 1939, is a timeless classic. It expresses the essence of steels in the language of a pioneer of metallurgy, one who did so much to establish the fundamental principles.

The electronic version of the book has been reproduced with the kind permission of the publisher, ASM International. You may freely download copies for your personal use.

The book has been scanned from a copy which was presented to Mr Wimpenny by J. B. Austin, the Director of the United States Steel Corporation Research Laboratories, in 1948. The copy bears Dr Bain's signature. The book somehow found its way into Cambridge University and now belongs to Harry Bhadeshia.


Another interesting copy of Bain's book has been rediscovered - Bernard Bednarz of CSIRO in Australia tells me that In the underground vault at the laboratory, where old books and classified documents are kept, he found an October 1939 copy of Functions of the Alloying Elements in Steel by Dr Edgar C Bain, US Steel Corporation Pittsburg Pa. It too bears Dr Bain's signature. The book was purchased on 21/3/44 by the Ministry of Munitions Technical Library Finsbury South Australia. Finsbury is the old name for Woodville North.

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