Picnic in Grantchester

A flotilla of two punts and a fast canoe departed from Darwin College at 1200 h, on a mission to Granchester. The purpose was to have a picnic and generally mess around. Mathew and Harry both managed to fall in the river, so the mission was accomplished.

More pictures to follow, watch this space.



Radu Dimitriu and Stephane Forsik, practising on dry land

Off on the adventures

Going on to a higher level of river

Waiting to get to the higher level of water

Hala Salman Hasan doing the punting

Th escort vessel

Smaller escorts

Even smaller escort joins the fleet

Hala at the helm

Seo, Casten and Anka, all making faces

Land escort

Carsten Peters takes over for the second leg of the journey

He had to be rescued on two occasions when he lost the pole

One rescue by the dynamic duo

The other punt, with Lee at the helm

Wei Wei, Yan Pei and Steve Ooi

What a relaxing life, thinking about Kinetic Monte Carlo

Mathew attempted the bridge jump. This is the aftermath

Stephane and Mathew rescue the pole lost by Carsten

Sitting down after the missing poles

Seo's feet

Mathew punts with style and grace

The bridge

Beautiful :)

Ace reporter Hala

Beginning of the picnic


Everyone quiet - why? - food!

Seo's T-shirt, the latest in a series

Steve and Wei Wei tyr their hand at canoeing

Anka for the return journey

More Photographs

The following pictures courtesy of Hala Salman Hasan.

On the way to Darwin College

With David Bombac

Seo and Lee

The key to the punt

The French arrive

And Aseel

The picnic

Steve and Wei Wei

Yan Pei and Mathew

After falling in the river

More Pictures

The following are courtesy of Carsten Peters

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