Late January at GIFT

Professor Chongmin Kim at the Pizza Hut with Harry

Frederic Barlat also at the Pizza Hut with Harry

On the next day, Frederic took us all for lunch at Yo San Jae, a Korean Vegetarian restaurant.

Followed by a visit to the forming laboratory. These are bulge test samples

This machine does biaxial tensile testing

Looks mean

A biaxial tensile test sample. The slots are there to prevent constraint from the region outside the central square from interfering with the deformation of that region

The big tensile test machine

The big grips that go with the bit tensile test machine

This is a digital press which is unique in Korea

This is a digital press which is unique in Korea. Rick from the Colorado School of Mines is in charge of this kit.

In the evening, a group dinner at Pizza Hut. Eunjeong and In Gee unfortunately could not attend and were missed

Who is the person at the back between Hong-Seok and Eunjun?

Big smiles on everyone's face

With Harry

It was bitterly cold outside, but we were warm inside.

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