Crystallography, Coffee, South Central China

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

Models by Bruno de Cooman

On the left the body formed from {110} planes of a cube, the edges corresponding to <111> directions. On the right the octahedral {111} planes with edges that are <110> directions

Rotation axes

The point group 2/m. A mirror plane normal to a diad

The point group 2mm. This means there are two mirror planes parallel to the diad

The one on the left looks almost like a cube because it is being observed almost along the <111> direction

Looking along the three-fold axis

An initial sketch by Harry

The final version by Ashwin Pandit

A gift from the University of South Central China

The symbols are woven into the fabrics

Using the coffee machine to pour two cups simultaneously. Method developed by Professor Han Soo Kim

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