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Neuromat's Model Manager Tutorial

Making predictions with your models

The first screen you should see when you click on "Predictions"is as follows:

What to do:

  1. To use your model for predicitions, you first need to prepare a file with the data you want to use. The format is the same as for the database, without the target and reference columns.
  2. Select the model you want to use to do the prediction.
  3. Specify the location of you data file. It does not need to be in the predictions folder of the chosen model, as if it is not, it will be copied there.
  4. Click on "PredictIt!". A progress bar appears at the bottom of the test window.


  1. Add sigma noise: if you select this option, the committee is scanned to find the member with the largest sigma_nu and this value is added to the error bar.
  2. Append results to test file: If you select this option (selected by default), the results (made up by the prediction and the error bar, ie two columns) are appended as the two last columns of your input file. That can be very convenient to later use your file in a plotting software.
  3. Clean temporary file: select this option if you want to delete all the file which have been generated to get the final results. This include individual predictions from each model. Advanced users may want not to clean the files.

What is being done:

At each step, the actual line command appears in the text window (eg: normalise 86 20).
  1. The input file is checked to see if it can be used with the model you have selected.
  2. It is then normalised.
  3. Each model (submodel) constituting the committee is asked to give its prediction (the corresponding file are removed if you check the option 'Clean temporary files').
  4. The predictions of all the models in the committee are combined.
  5. The result is un-normalised.

Where are your results ?

The results from each prediction are kept in the "results" directory of the model wich as been used to make them. You will probably find it convenient to give them a more human understandable name.
NB: you are free to write, rename, remove etc any file in the results directory. By contrast, it is strongly recommended not to modify any of the other files or folders.

Model Manager Tutorial
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Author: Thomas Sourmail, Neuromat Ltd
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