Slide 7
This slide shows the activities NOT the structure. That will be developed over the coming weeks. Already George Lowe and Julia King have been announced as heading the Commercial and E&T activities respectively for the whole business. Further organisational announcements for Finance, HR etc will follow.

The scope of naval marine is broadly that of the old Marine Power organisation including Allison Marine engine sales and adding Bird Johnson in the USA.
Commercial Marine is broadly that of the old VUMS organisation, with the exception of Bird-Johnson and the engine facility at Bergen which has transferred to the energy business of Rolls-Royce.

It important to emphasise the company we work for is Rolls-Royce and it is this name that we project to outside world. Internally we refer to this business as Marine. It is important to protect the Rolls-Royce brand and there are clear rules about how we use the name. It gets even more complex in Scandinavia where we will be retaining some well known brand names at product level. We will be issuing details of how we refer to ourselves and our products over the next few weeks.