Shipbuilding Market Trends

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Shipbuilding Market Trends

Building on Success

Rolls-Royce organisation

Applying common capabilities to growing markets

Marine market sectors

Marine: Key Facts


Trend to systems integration with strong equipment capability

The integrated offering

Marine Business: Products Systems and Services

Technological Innovation


Cost of existing trans-Atlantic freight options

Transport ‘effectiveness’

Vessel Size and Speed

Military sealift applications

Ship-shore interface

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Performance in heavy seas

Gas turbines

Aero and Marine Trent Gas Turbines

Marine Trent - the Benefits

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Waterjet CFD

System integration and Modelling Challenges

Automation & Reduced Manning

Support Solutions

Cost breakdown


Author: Dr Ian Ritchey


Further information:
This material is reproduced with the permission of Dr Ian Ritchey of Rolls-Royce. It represents a lecture given by him to the 'Materials Modelling' Master of Philosophy Course at the University of Cambridge

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