Modelling and characterisation of V4C3 precipitation and cementite dissolution during the tempering of Fe-C-V martensitic steel

S. Yamasaki and H.K.D.H. Bhadeshia


The precipitation and Ostwald ripening behaviour of V4C3 (plate-shaped) particles during the tempering of a ternary Fe-C-V martensitic steel has been characterised and modelled, taking account of local equilibrium, the capillarity effect, and simultaneous cementite enrichment and dissolution. V4C3 particles are represented as parabolic cylinders of revolution, with the tip radius chosen to yield the maximum lengthening rate. Transmission electron microscopy has been used to validate the theory; measurements of the average length, volume fraction, and number density of particles shows good agreement with experimental observations.

Materials Science and Technology, Vol. 19 (2003) 1335-1343.

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Tempered martensite

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