Martensite and Martensitic Phase Transformations

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

Adolf Martens
Adolf Martens
J. K. Mackenzie
J. K. Mackenzie (more detail)

Evolution of martensite

A movie of martensitic transformation in Fe-0.18C-0.2Si-0.9Mn-2.9Ni-1.5Cr-0.4Mo wt% steel, using confocal laser microscopy. The time and temperature are indicated on the left hand corner. The contrast arises from the displacements caused by the phase change from austenite to martensite.

The movie has kindly been supplied for educational purposes by Professor Toshihiko Koseki of Tokyo University.

The crystallographic orientation is available.

Bainite 2017

Transformation Hardening

Very Strong Steels

Movies about Martensite and Bainite


The article on the Thermodynamics of Martensite by J. W. Christian has been reproduced with permission from the publishers. The article on Adolf Martens has kindly been provided by Dr P. D. Portella of the Federal Institute of Materials Research and Testing, Germany.

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