Videos of Lectures on Phase Transformations in Steels

H. K. D. H. Bhadeshia

A series of lectures given at CSIRO, Adelaide, Australia, on the theory of solid-state transformations in steels. The videos were filmed by Jeremy Stewart, compressed by Daniel Plufger and provided by John Francis of CSIRO. The slides used in each of the lectures can also be downloaded.

Martensitic transformations Slides Video More information
Bainite Slides Video Multilingual bainite
Bainite growth
Widmanstaetten ferrite Slides Video More information
Allotriomorphs and Idiomorphs Slides Video More information
Slides Video
Strong steels Slides Video More information
Strength+toughness movie
Welds Slides Video More information
Creep-resistant steels Slides Video Review on phase fields
Neural networks Slides Video Hyperbolic tangents

Superalloys Titanium Bainite Martensite Widmanstätten ferrite
Cast iron Welding Allotriomorphic ferrite Movies Slides
Neural Networks Creep Mechanicallly Alloyed Theses Retained Austenite

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