Widmanstätten ferrite

The term Widmanstätten can in principle also be written "Widmanstaetten", because the official replacement for the a-Umlaut character (ä) on systems that don't support Umlaut characters is ae for ä, oe for ö and ue for ü. This was pointed out by Eric Jaegle (Eric Jägle).

Movie created using confocal laser microscopy, showing the growth of Widmanstätten ferrite, courtesy of Professor Toshihiko Koseki. Details in In situ observation of ferrite plate formation in low carbon steel during continuous cooling process, N. Oku, K. Asakura, J. Inoue and T. Koseki, Tetsu-to-Hagane, Vol. 94 (2008) 363-368.


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