Role of toughness in abrasion and impact-abrasion wear

Ph.D. thesis, by Appa Rao Chintha, University of Cambridge, 2020

Shuamik Lenka

Bainitic steel with 30 GPa% characteristics

Ph.D. thesis, by Shaumik Lenka, University of Cambridge, 2020

Shuamik Lenka

Structural evolution during the plastic deformation of nanostructured steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Gebril M. A. M. El-Fallah, University of Cambridge, 2020

Gebril M. A. M. El-Fallah

Hydrogen in austenite: what changes after martensitic transformation?

M.Phil. thesis, by Shengda Pu, University of Cambridge, 2019

Shengda Pu

The first high-strength bainitic steel designed for hydrogen embrittlement resistance

Ph.D. thesis, by Joachim Octave Valentin Dias, University of Cambridge, 2018

Joachim Octave Valentin Dias

Strain induced martensite and its reversion in 304 stainless steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Pratik Kumar Mallick, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, 2017

Pratik Kumar Mallick

Effects of niobium in the heat-affected zone of microalloyed steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Neelabhro Madhav Bhattacharya, University of Cambridge, 2017

Neelabhro Madhav Bhattacharya

Modelling of microstructure development in silicon-containing bainitic free-machining steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Guo Lei, University of Cambridge, 2017

Lei Guo

Niobium microalloyed rail steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Arunim Ray, University of Cambridge, 2017

Arunim Ray

Wear of fine pearlite, nanostructured bainite and martensite

Ph.D. thesis, by Subhankar Das Bakshi, University of Cambridge, 2017

Subhankar Das Bakshi

The thermal stability of bulk nanocrystalline steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Christopher Hulme-Smith, University of Cambridge, 2016

Christopher Hulme-Smith

Characterisation and interpretation of austenite grain growth kinetics in an advanced nuclear pressure vessel steel

M.Phil. thesis, by Ailsa A. Kiely, University of Cambridge, 2016

Ailsa A. Kiely

Effect of thermomechanical processing on the dynamic austenite-ferrite transformation products

Ph.D. thesis, by Dominik Dziedzic, AGH University of Science and Technology, 2015

Dominik Dziedzic

Understanding the behaviour of aircraft bearing steels under rolling contact loading

Ph.D. thesis, by James Robert Nygaard, University of Cambridge, 2015

James Robert Nygaard

Macrosegregation in steel ingots

Ph.D. thesis, by Edward John Pickering, University of Cambridge, 2014

Edward John Pickering

Microstructural degradation of bearing steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Wilberth Solano Alvarez, University of Cambridge, 2015

Wilberth Solano Alvarez

Quantitative basis for the structure and properties of a critically-important pressure vessel steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Hector Pous Romero, University of Cambridge, 2014

Hector Pous Romero

Viable welding alloy for mitigation of residual stress and enhancement of fatigue resistance

Ph.D. thesis, by Timothy Issak Ramjaun, University of Cambridge, 2015

Timothy Issak Ramjaun

Stability and thermal conductivity of metallic-nanofluids

Ph.D. thesis, by Song, You Young, GIFT, POSTECH, 2015

Song, You Young

Hydrogen desorption in steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Song, Eunju, GIFT, POSTECH, 2015

Song, Eunju

Pearlite growth rate in Fe-C binary and Fe-C-X ternary steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Seo, Seung-Woo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2015

Seo, Seung-Woo

Modelling the electron beam welding of nuclear pressure vessel steel

M.Phil. thesis, by Christopher J. Duffy, University of Cambridge, 2014

Christopher J. Duffy

Understanding toughness and ductility in novel steels with mixed microstructures

Ph.D. thesis, by Lucy Chandra Devi Fielding, University of Cambridge, 2014

Lucy Chandra Devi Fielding,

Spheroidisation of steel designed for nanostructured bainite

M.Sc. thesis, by Danyi Luo, University of Cambridge 2012

Danyi Luo

Atomistic simulations of precipitation kinetics in multicomponent interstitial/substitutional alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by David Bombač, University of Ljubljana, 2012

David Bombac

Bake hardening in low and medium carbon steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Sourav Das, IIT Kharagpur, 2012

Sourav Das

Lower bainite in bearing steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Chae, Jae-Yong, GIFT, POSTECH, 2015


Effect of Mo or W on TiC Coarsening in HSLA Steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Jang, Jae Hoon, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Jae Hoon Jang

Hydrogen Embrittlement in TRIP and TWIP Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Ryu, Joo Hyun, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Joo Hyun Ryu

Anisotropy of Charpy Properties in Linepipe Steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Joo, Min Sung, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Minsung Joo

Coalesced Bainite and Martensite

Ph.D. thesis, by Pak, Jun Hak, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Pak, Jun Hak

Spot Weldability of TRIP Steel with High Carbon, High Aluminium Content

M.Sc. thesis, by Jung, Geunsu, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Lee, Jee Yong

A study of the application of Wang-Landau Monte Carlo method on κ-carbide

M.Sc. thesis, by Lee, Jee Yong, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Lee, Jee Yong

Non-equilibrium Solidification of δ-TRIP Steel

M.Sc. thesis, by Choi, Young-Joo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2012

Choi, Young-Joo

Design of Low-Carbon, Low-Temperature Bainite

Ph.D. thesis, by Hong-Seok Yang, GIFT, POSTECH, 2011

Hong-Seok Yang

High-temperature Oxidation of Si-containing Steel

M.Sc. thesis, by Song, Eunju, GIFT, POSTECH, 2011

Song, Eunju

Theory of the Pearlite Transformation in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Ashwin Pandit, University of Cambridge, 2011

Ashwin Pandit

High Frequency Induction Welding and Heat Treatment of Steel Pipes

Ph.D. thesis, by Yan Pei, University of Cambridge, 2011

Yan Pei

Tempering of a Mixture of Bainite and Retained Austenite

Ph.D. thesis, by Arijit Saha Podder, University of Cambridge, 2011


Mechanical Property Modelling of Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Aseel Abdulbaky Al-Hamdany, University of Technology, Bhagdad, 2010


Variant selection of Allotriomorphic Ferrite in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Kim, Dae Woo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Kim, Dae Woo

κ-Carbide: Properties, Magnetism and Monte Carlo

M.Eng. thesis, by Seo, Seung-Woo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Seo, Seung-Woo

Transformation and tempering of low-temperature bainite

Ph.D. thesis, by Mathew Peet, University of Cambridge, 2010

Mathew James Peet

First Principles Estimations of the Properties of M23C6

M.Eng. thesis, by Song, You Young, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Song, You Young

δ-TRIP Steel

Ph.D. thesis, by Hongliang Yi, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Hongliang Yi

Phase Field Modelling of Crystal Growth During Deformation

M.Eng. thesis, by Tan Xu, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Tan Xu

Evaluation of Heat Transfer Coefficients during Quenching of Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Hala Salman Hasan, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq, 2010

Hala Salman Hasan

TWIP-Assisted Steel

M.Eng. thesis, by Jee Hyun Kang, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Jee Hyun Kang

Electropulsing of Pearlite

M.Eng. thesis, by Arghya Bhowmik, GIFT, POSTECH, 2010

Arghya Bhowmik

Mechanical Properties of Steels for Fusion Power Plants

Ph.D. thesis, by Stephane Forsik, University of Cambridge, 2009

Stephane Forsik

Magnetism, Iron and Microstructure

Ph.D. thesis, by Hiromichi Fujii, Tohoku University, 2009

Hiromichi Fujii

Modelling of Simultaneous Transformations in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Jiawen Chen, University of Cambridge, 2009

Jiawen Chen

Complex Mechanical Properties of Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Radu Dimitriu, University of Cambridge, 2009

Radu Dimitriu

Simultaneous Casting

M.Eng. thesis, by Yong Ki Kim, GIFT, POSTECH, 2008

Yong Ki Kim

Thermodynamics of Solutes in Cementite Using First-Principles Calculations

M.Eng. thesis, by Jae Hoon Jang, GIFT, POSTECH, 2008


Topology of Grain Deformation

M.Eng. thesis, by Jae Yong Chae, GIFT, POSTECH, 2008


Reducing Redundancy in Steel Design

M.Eng. thesis, by Min Sung Joo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2008

Minsung Joo

Modelling of Microstructural Banding during Transformations in Steels

M.Phil. thesis, by Eric A. Jaegle, University of Cambridge, 2007

Eric Jaegle

Low-Carbon Low-Temperature Bainite

M.Eng. thesis, by Hong-Seok Yang, GIFT, POSTECH, 2007

Hong-Seok Yang

Model for Mechanical Properties of Hot-Rolled Steels

M.Eng. thesis, by Joo Hyun Ryu, GIFT, POSTECH, 2007

Joo Hyun Ryu

Modelling of Impact Toughness of Weld Metals

M.Eng. thesis, by Jun-Hak Pak, GIFT, POSTECH, 2007

Jun Hak Pak

Modelling the Microstructure of TRIP-Assisted Steels

M.Eng. thesis, by Guo Lei, GIFT, POSTECH, 2007

Guo Lei

Crystallography of TWIP Steels

M.Eng. thesis, by Qin Bo, GIFT, POSTECH, 2007

Qin Bo

Transformation Strain and Crystallographic Texture in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Saurabh Kundu, University of Cambridge, 2007

Saurabh Kundu

Transformations in TRIP-Assisted Steels: Microstructure and Properties

Ph.D. thesis, by Sourabh Chatterjee, University of Cambridge, 2006

Sourabh Chatterjee

Alloy Design for a Fusion Power Plant

Ph.D. thesis, by Richard Kemp, University of Cambridge, 2006

Characterisation and Development of Nanostructured, Ultrahigh Strength, and Ductile Bainitic Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Mohamed Y. Sherif, University of Cambridge, 2006

Effect of Microstructure on Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Steel Weld Metals

Ph.D. thesis, by Enda Keehan, Chalmers University, Sweden, 2005

Helium Migration in Iron

Master of Philosophy thesis by Yucheng Zhang, University of Cambridge, 2004

Ternary Quasichemical Thermodynamics and First-Principles Calculations (Fe-C)

Master of Philosophy thesis by Jiawen Chen, University of Cambridge, 2004

Modelling Precipitation of Carbides in Martensitic Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Shingo Yamasaki, University of Cambridge, 2004

Strain-induced Transformation of Austenite

Master of Philosophy thesis by Mohamed Youssef Sherif, University of Cambridge, 2003

Modelling of Gamma-Prime Precipitation in Superalloys

Master of Philosophy thesis by Aikaterini Plati, University of Cambridge, 2003. Rolls-Royce Award for best M.Phil. student.

Rolls-Royce Award

The Rate of Creep Deformation

Master of Philosophy thesis by Yi Shen, University of Cambridge, 2003

Magnetic Detection of Microstructural Change in Power Plant Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Vicky Yardley, 2003

Modelling of Transformations during Induction Hardening and Tempering

Ph.D. thesis, by Daniel Gaude-Fugarolis, 2003

Design of Welding Alloys for Creep and Toughness

Ph.D. thesis, by Marimuthu Murugananth, 2002

Transformations in Supermartensitic Stainless Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Dominique Carrouge, 2002

Sensitisation of Austenitic Stainless Steels

Master of Philosophy thesis by Chia Too, University of Cambridge, 2002. Alcan Award for best M.Phil. student.

Alcan Award

Tensile Properties of Stainless Steel

Master of Philosophy thesis by Iqbal Shah, University of Cambridge, 2002

Influence of Vanadium on Warm-Forging of Medium/High Carbon Steels

Ph.D. thesis in Spanish, by Carlos Garcia Mateo, University of Navarrra, Spain, 2000

Anisothermal Recrystallisation in Austenitic Stainless Steels

Ph.D. thesis by Gareth Hopkin, University of Cambridge, 2002

Simultaneous Precipitation Reactions in Creep-Resistant Austenitic Stainless Steels

Ph.D. thesis by Thomas Sourmail, University of Cambridge, 2002

Thomas Sourmail

Kinetics of Precipitation Reactions

Ph.D. thesis by Pedro Eduardo Jose Rivera diaz del Castillo, University of Cambridge, 2002

Pedro, thinking.

Modelling the Properties of Austempered Ductile Cast Iron

Ph.D. thesis by Miguel Angel Yescas Gonzalez, University of Cambridge, 2001

Miguel, enjoying Guacamole

The rate of transformation of bainite

Ph.D. thesis, by Philippe Opdenacker, University of Cambridge, 2001

Philippe Opdenacker

Thermal Conductivity and Noise Attenuation in Aluminium Foams

Master of Philosophy thesis by Saira Amjad, University of Cambridge, 2001

Saira, computing

Bolting of Magnesium Components

Master of Philosophy thesis by Sarennah Longworth, University of Cambridge, 2001

Sarennah, computing

Modelling the Hot-Deformation of Austenite

Master of Philosophy thesis by Mathew Peet, University of Cambridge, 2001

Mathew, explaining his plans

Carbon migration across dissimilar metal welds, related to power plant

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by Dorothy Louise Elder, 2001

Dorothy Louise Elder

Modelling Carbide Precipitation in Alloy Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Nobuhiro Fujita, University of Cambridge, 2000

Grain refinement of austenitic stainless steel welds to facilitate ultrasonic inspection

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by Nicholas Harvey Tyas, 2000

Nicholas Harvey Tyas

Design of Heat-Resistant Steels for Small Power Plant

Ph.D. thesis, by David G. Cole, University of Cambridge, 2000

Modelling of Mechanical Properties of Ferritic Steel Weld Metals

Ph.D. thesis by Sree Harsha Lalam, University of Cambridge, 2000

Wear and microstructure relationships in carbide-free bainitic rail steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Catherine Erica Pitt, University of Cambridge, 1999

Catherine Erica Pitt

Modelling of phase transformations and properties in steel weld metal

Ph.D. thesis, by Kazutoshi Ichikawa, University of Cambridge, 1999

Kazutoshi Ichikawa

Modelling of Transformations during Continuous Heating of Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Francisca Garcia Caballero, CENIM/CISC, Spain, 1999

Design and Modelling of Strong Steel Weld Deposits

Ph.D. thesis, by Mike Lord, University of Cambridge, 1999

Principles for Open-Arc Weld-Deposition of High Chromium White Iron Surface Layers

Ph.D. thesis, by John Anthony Francis, Adelaide University, Australia, 1999

Modelling of Diffusional Phase Transformations in Microalloyed Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Carlos Capdevila Montes, CENIM/CISC, Spain, 1999

Phase transformations from deformed austenite

Ph.D. thesis, by Shiv Brat Singh, University of Cambridge, 1998

Shiv Brat Singh

Some Properties of Mechanically Alloyed, Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Adebayo Badmos, University of Cambridge, 1997

Diffusion Bonding Aluminium Alloys and Composites

Ph.D. thesis, by Amir A. Shirzadi, University of Cambridge, 1997

Modelling of Phase Transformations in Hot-Rolled Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Sally Parker, University of Cambridge, 1997

Modelling Microstructure in Continuously Annealed Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Naomi Chester, University of Cambridge, 1997

Naomi Chester

Modelling inclusion potency and simultaneous transformation kinetics

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by Stephen John Jones, 1996

Stephen John Jones

Design of steel weld deposits

Ph.D. thesis, by Tracey Cool, University of Cambridge, 1996

Tracey Cool

Modelling of Precipitation in Power Plant Steels

Ph.D. thesis by Joseph Robson, University of Cambridge, 1996

Bainite transformation and novel bainitic rail steels

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by Liou Chun Chang, 1995

Liou Chun Chang

The Wear of Bainitic and Pearlitic Steels

Ph.D. thesis, University of Leicester, by John Ernest Garnham, 1995

John Garnham

Recrystallisation and structure of mechanically alloyed steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Tung-Sheng Chou, University of Cambridge, 1994

Tung-Sheng Chou

Ferrite Nucleation on Non-Metallic Inclusions in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by John Martin Gregg, 1994

Marty Gregg

Directional recrystallisation in mechanicallly alloyed ODS nickel base superalloys

Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, by Kouichi Murakami, 1993

Kouichi Murakamir

Anomalous Behaviour of Mo in Steel Welds

Ph.D. thesis, by Habib Ullah Choudhary, 1993

Habib Ullah

Microstructure of Super-Duplex Stainless Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Shahriar Sharafi, University of Cambridge, 1993

Recrystallisation and Texture in Al-Fe Rolled Alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Nicola Deards, University of Cambridge, 1992

Nicola Deards

Carbon Diffusion Across Dissimilar Steel Welds

Ph.D. thesis, by Julia Margaret Race, University of Cambridge, 1992

Carbide Composition Changes in Power Plant Steels as a Method of Remanent Life Prediction

Ph.D. thesis, by Rachel Clare Thomson, University of Cambridge, 1992

Coupled Diffusional/Displacive Transformations

Ph.D. thesis, by Shafiq Ahmad Mujahid, University of Cambridge, 1992

Shafiq Mujahid

Modelling of Microstructure in Novel High Strength Steel Welds

Ph.D. thesis, by Gethin Rees, University of Cambridge, 1992

Gethin Rees

Reaustenitisation of Bainite

Ph.D. thesis, by Manabu Takahashi, University of Cambridge, 1992

Widmanstaetten ferrite and Bainite in Ultra-high Strength Steels,

Ph.D. thesis, by Ashraf Ali, University of Cambridge, 1991

Acicular Ferrite and Bainite in Fe-Cr-C Weld Deposits

Ph.D. thesis, by Suresh Babu, University of Cambridge, 1991

Remanent Creep Life Prediction in Low-Alloy Ferritic Steel Power Plant Components

Ph.D. thesis, by Peter Wilson, University of Cambridge, 1990

Peter Wilson

Characterisation and Modelling of Multipass Steel Weld Heat-Affected Zones

Ph.D. thesis, by Roger C. Reed, University of Cambridge, 1990

Phase Transformations in Heterogeneous Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Shahid Amin Khan, University of Cambridge, 1990

Directional Recrystallisation in Dispersion Strengthened Alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Muhammad Moazam Baloch, University of Cambridge, 1989

Development of Microstructure in Duplex Stainless Steel Welds,

Ph.D. thesis, by Naseem Issa Abdallah Haddad, University of Cambridge, 1989

Stability, Wear and Microstructure of Fe, Co and Ni Hardfacing Alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Serdar Atamert, University of Cambridge, 1988

Towards the Prediction of Weld Metal Properties

Ph.D. thesis, by Alastair Sugden, University of Cambridge, 1988

Alistair Sugden

Prediction and Assessment of Weld Metal Microstructures

Ph.D. thesis, by Martin Strangwood, University of Cambridge, 1987

Development of Microstructure in High-Strength Weld Deposits

Ph.D. thesis, by Jen-Ren Yang, University of Cambridge, 1987

Austenite to Ferrite Transformation in Tungsten Steels and Some Other Ternary Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Sunil Kishore Sahay, University of Cambridge, 1986

Sunil Sahay

Defect Energies and Deformation Mechanisms of Single Crystal Superalloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Graham Stewart Hillier, University of Cambridge, 1984

Unconventional Surface Treatments for High-Strength Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Kankanange Jagath Ananda Mawella, University of Cambridge, 1983

Jagath Mawella

Rapid Solidification of Tin Based Alloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Mark Jolly, University of Cambridge, 1982

Mark Jolly

The microstructure of weld metals in low alloy steels

by Graeme Stuart Barritte, University of Cambridge, 1982

Graeme Barritte

Reaustenitisation of some alloy ateels

Ph.D. thesis, by Ursula Ruth Lenel, University of Cambridge, 1980

Ursula Ruth Lenel

Microstructure and stress relaxation in spring steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Stefan Paetke, University of Cambridge, 1980

Stefan Paetke

Phase separation in some model nickel-base superalloys

Ph.D. thesis, by Sally Anne Hill, University of Cambridge, 1980

Theory and Significance of Retained Austenite in Steels

Ph.D. thesis, by Harry Bhadeshia, University of Cambridge, 1979

Morphology and crystallography of Widmanstatten precipitates

Ph.D. thesis, by John Donald Watson, The University of New South Wales, 1970

Autocatalysis of martensitic transformations

Ph.D. thesis, by Gerald Albert Knorovsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1977

Gerald Albert Knorovsky

Field-ion energy analysis and field-desorption microscopy

Ph.D. thesis, by Bob Waugh (Robert Allen Waugh), University of Cambridge, 1975

The Growth of Bainite

Ph.D. thesis, by Gilbert R. Speich, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1958.
Reproduced with permission of G. B. Olson.
This may be the first ever thesis on bainite.

Gilbert Speich

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